Samiah Farooqi

Samiah Farooqi

Legal Receptionist Assistant
“If we do not maintain justice, justice will not maintain us.”
— Francis Bacon

Ms. Farooqi joined MOON GENSEY LPC in June 2022 in the capacity of Receptionist Legal Assistant. She obtained a Criminology B.A. degree from York University minoring in Philosophy. Ms. Farooqi, or Sami as she prefers to be addressed, is the first team member to greet Firm clients when they visit or call our offices. Her curiosity for learning makes her excellent at managing all daily office responsibilities while assisting Firm counsel in compiling legal documentation, all of which contributes to the foundation of new client files. Sami liaises with Firm counsel to guarantee client support runs smoothly.

Ms. Farooqi’s exposure while working in the non-profit sector afforded her the opportunity to develop essential problem-solving and organizational skills; both of which are crucial in surviving the day to day demands of a criminal law practice.
She has grown to be and is considered by all members of the Firm as an integral team member. In line with the Firm’s C.O.O., Ms. Farooqi is looking forward to developing future processes which will continue to assist Firm clients and team members alike. As she is known to say, “There is no project too large and no documentation too complexed, I will not dive into.”

In her spare time, Ms. Farooqi enjoys weightlifting, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

“Justice dies when the Lady Justice removes her blindfold”.

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