Quality Is Our Standard

We are not, by any measure, a “high-volume” Firm, nor do we seek to be.

We are selective in the clients we accept; and each client that comes to us will receive personalized treatment – with access to the lawyer on their file 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our focus is on the quality of the service we provide, rather than the quantity of clients. This is the same whether the client is with us by way of a private retainer, or whether the client is one of those limited number whom we accept through a Legal Aid Ontario certificate.

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Litigation Team

MOON GENSEY LPC is a team of lawyers whose passion lies in the litigation of criminal & constitutional law. That means not only an aggressive and thoroughly prepared defence in court, but as well, to the extent possible, protecting the client from the Canadian criminal justice system.
Michael A. Moon
Founder & Director

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County Court Law Chambers
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